Sonicwall Soho 250 Secure Upgrade Plus 3 (02-Ssc-1819)

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Brand: Sonicwall
Warranty:1 Year Manufacturer's return to base

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SOHO 250 Network Security Firewall - Secure Upgrade***

Higher broadband demands high-speed protection.
These affordable firewalls let small businesses and home offices take full advantage of high-speed broadband, without compromising the highly effective protection needed to stop cyberattacks.

***Secure Upgrade:
The SonicWall Secure Upgrade Plus program recognizes the investments that customers have previously made and helps them maintain optimal security by letting them easily and affordably upgrade or trade-in their existing security appliances.

Customers who purchase the minimum set of subscription services and support (now available in 2- and 3-year terms for maximum flexibility) can save up to 50% on the total annual cost of that solution (compared to the cost of buying the hardware separately with one year of services).

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5 x 1 GbE Copper Interfaces
1 - 10
300 Mbps
25 - 50 Mbps
100 Mbps
25,000 (25,000 with DPI)
60 Mbps
1 (5 Max)
15 Mbps
1 (10 Max)
3-Year Subscription Included
3-Year Subscription Included
3-Year Subscription Included
3-Year Subscription Included
30-Day FREE Trial

Warranty & Support

3-Yr hardware/3-Yr support, firmware updates
Dynamic Support 24x7